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Types of Clients from an Escort Perspective

Escorts services are just meant for the lovemaking. These services have been prevalent since time immemorial. During ancient days, the girls, who provide their lovemaking services to the men, were known as prostitutes. But, now with the advancement in civilization the mode of living has considerable changed for the mankind. With education, people have become educated and abstain themselves from using foul or vulgar language. Now, the prostitutes are known as escorts or call girls. They play a very important in the hospitable services meant for the men.

In the present civilization, the escorts services have occupied a prestigious position. It is not the miseries or destitutions of life that force young women to provide escorts services but it has become a de rigueur for most of the girls to make fast buck by providing these services in order to make their lives more enjoyable and ostentatious. Following this, there are many high profile escorts – models, actresses, fashion designers and several other dignified women – who are involved into providing these services. Escorts mean only the companions, who can give a warm company and also satisfy the libidinal lust.

The escorts are of various types and so there are different types of clients from escorts perspective. Some clients, who are highly voluptuary by nature, tend to get absorbed in the services of the escorts and consider them as just a playing tool and do not hold any sympathy for them. On the other hand, some clients, who are emotionally hurt but not lascivious, tend to hire escorts for getting a warm companion, who can understand the loneliness of their lives and make them feel happy and jovial. Such type of men are loyal by nature and do not exploit the escorts for their personal gains.

It is just the escorts, who can understand various needs of the men, who visit them from time to time. The escorts provide such services which are not provided by the wives or girlfriends of the men. The mesmerizing services for which men visit them include erotic massage, body massage, strip tease, Indian kaam sutra, straight sex, blow job, come in face, come on body, , come on face, covered blowjob, deep French kissing, dick sucking lips, French kissing, kissing with tongue, oral without a condom etc. These services are indubitably of great quality and cannot be expected from ordinary escorts. These days, there are many independent escorts, who provide such services.

Briefly, from escorts perspective there are various types of clients. Different clients have different preferences and the escorts satisfy them accordingly. In today’s civilization, availing escorts services has become as much important as food and water. All sorts of men, whether young or old or rich or poor tend to hire the escorts services for their libidinal satisfaction. The rich clients hire high profile escorts, whose charges are very high whereas ordinary clients hire ordinary escorts, whose charges are cost effective. These services have mushroomed in almost all the towns of the country with an ever increasing demand for them.

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Posted on : 28/12/2015